An individual workout routine featuring resistance training over these three aspects: intensity, duration and frequency.


PUSH Dynamic Training is a small-group, semi-private and private training business that began in 2006. PUSH offers a revolving-form dynamic interval training atmosphere, and during non-class hours, trainers conduct private and semi-private training sessions for all range of athletes.


Rates are based on the number of sessions a client seeks during the month on a contractual basis. Drop in clients are welcome also with a simple text the night before.


PUSH has established an eclectic base of clientele ranging from professional to recreational athletes. There is something for every athlete, no matter their skill or strength.


Scott Samuels has enjoyed an active lifestyle through profession and recreation. Scott’s association with sports, and various activities has provided the guidance, support, encouragement, and stimulation he needed to form the very foundation of his lifelong commitment to health and fitness.


Scott attended San Jose’s Leland High School where he lettered in football and baseball.  After graduating in 1989, he earned a baseball scholarship to Arizona State University, where he became an All-Pac 10 outfielder.  Drafted by the Florida Marlins in 1992, Scott spent the next 13 years playing for various major league organizations, as well in foreign countries. During those years he was fortunate to meet, and work with many knowlegeable coaches, trainers, and athletes.


Upon retiring from baseball in 2005, Scott was able to translate the fundamentals acquired in his athletic career to become a personal trainer and small groups instructor in the South Bay at Industrial Strength Kickboxing, as well at the Bay Club Courtside. In 2010, Scott started his own business PUSH Dynamic Training, which facilitates sports performance training, group, semi-private, and private training.


Scott is finishing his degree in

kinesiology from Arizona State

University. He has also been certified from ISSA, as a personal trainer, and USA Weightlifting as sports performance coach. In his spare time, Scott has coached local youth baseball and is also a former volunteer firefighter with the Santa Clara Fire Department. Scott is married to Sara Mohtadi

Samuels, and together have a daughter, Maya.

Cameron Campi has a love for the

outdoors, challenging himself, and helping others. Before embarking on his journey as a personal trainer, he was a successful high school and college athlete. He displayed his work ethic and passion in his time on the baseball field and in the gym – through his weightlifting, conditioning, and mechanical work regimen.


Cameron has been following his passion of training others at McAfee’s Corporate Headquarters, the Squash Club of Los Gatos, and alongside his mentor Scott Samuels at Push DT.


Cameron is a NASM certified personal trainer and has the following NASM certifications for: Integrated Balance Training, Cardiorespiratory Training for Sports Performance, Integrated Core Training, Neuromuscular Stretching, Integrated Reactive Training, and Integrated Resistance Training. He also carries a CPR/AED certification and TRX STC Level 1 certification.

Royal Jacobs has a passion for the human body and relieving athletes of their pain and discomfort. He has

extensive knowledge of the the

musculature and skeletal system and has written a book about it.


He is the sole creator of Releasology - A hands-on practical approach to relieving chronic pain, optimizing athletic performance and enhancing one's beauty. He travels around the globe to teach people his method and provide relief to those who are in pain.


Receive, learn yourself and join the Releasology community at


It’s not just about inches and pounds. I enjoy the positive effect that conditioning has on the mind and spirit of our clients. It’s never too late to start, because there is no finish line.


- Scott Samuels





$180 - Unlimited sessions per month

$160 - 8 sessions per month

$85 - 4 sessions per month



$30 - drop in fee (first time: 2 for 1)

$125 - 5 sessions prepaid (3 month expiration)

$220 - 10 sessions prepaid (4 month expiration)




IT workouts feature a mix of cardiovascular and resistance training continually throughout the workout. A max calorie burn session.



EX workouts feature all the same training exercises as other PUSH sessions, but in less time.



IM workouts feature isometric training exercises. Sessions start with cardio, and finish with resistance training.



DT workouts feature more dynamic exercises. Sessions have an even balance of cardiovascular and resistance training.



UP workouts feature more individual based training tempos. Sessions are "clock less", based off of repetition, instead of timed intervals.



For all classes, please text 408 394 4853 or email, scottqsamuels3@msn.com, to reserve a space up to 12 hours in advance.

Ample notice must be given in case of cancellation.








6a - 7:15a


6a - 7:15a


7a - 7:45a


7a - 7:45a


9:15a - 10:30a


6p - 7:15p


9a - 10:15a


6p - 6:45a


6p - 7:15p


9:15a - 10a


6p - 6:45p


9:15a - 10a


9a - 10:15a


9a - 10:15a



For the past 10+ years I've been working out with Scott three days a week. I'm a tough customer and what keeps me coming back week after week and year after year is the challenge and the results. Scott puts so much thought and effort into designing the workout - constantly evolving and challenging his students.


Scott's workouts are not about a quick fix or the latest fad. He thoughtfully composes his workouts to include strength and endurance and wellness. It stands on it's own or is a great compliment to running or yoga or whatever other fitness activities are part of your lifestyle. For me, mornings with Scott are the best part of my day!

Stephanie C.



I went to Scott and Push DT several years ago to develop my strength and conditioning for improved running times.  Less than a year after working with Scott I recorded a personal best in the marathon.  Four years later, I have recorded personal bests in the half-marathon, 12K and 5K races.


Starting my mornings with PushDT has also given me improved mental focus for my demanding job and is the perfect start to a busy day.


My twelve-year old daughter started with Scott and Push DT this year and is already seeing improvements in her strength and conditioning for mixed

martial arts.

Terry A.

Scott's PUSHDT workouts are the best for overall body strength and conditioning. His expertise and commitment to providing a challenging and rewarding

experience are unmatched.


In the five-plus years I have been training with Scott at PUSHDT, I have seen continual improvement in my overall health

and fitness.


As a former professional ballet dancer turned recreational athlete, my standards for training are high.


Scott's PUSHDT classes

provide the kind of real people doing real work and getting real results experience I trust.

Because of Scott and PUSHDT, I am stronger, healthier and more physically confident than I've ever been!

Wendy A.


I have taken PUSHDT’s group training classes for more than fifteen years and believe it is the best all-around work out I’ve ever gotten. I am inspired to work hard every time I go to Scott’s class. It’s the camaraderie, direction & accomplishment that makes it absolutely addicting.


Scott is an amazing trainer, athlete and mentor and I would highly recommend PushDT to anyone who is looking for

a challenge. It is simply unparalleled.

Jenny P.


Scott has not only pushed me to be at my best physical shape of my life but has truly put dedication and time into making sure that my workout regimen was safe but yet effective.  I’ve had numerous trainers in the past that only cared about the results and did not take into account my physical limitations.  Scott really cared every inch of the way and worked with me if I was sore or had an injury.  Any time I was too sore or had strains he’d spend the session with me stretching me out so the next time we met I’d be ready.  He really accommodates and understands that not every two people are the same and really puts so much effort  into making sure that you are getting the best work out.  I highly recommend Scott to anyone young, old, big or small he is great and will get you to where you want to be.


Jeanette I.

With PUSH Dynamic Training, I lost 35 pounds and built enough strength and endurance allowing me to achieve goals I never thought possible including running three half marathons under 10 min/mile average and

completing and Olympic distance triathalon. My husband and I even came in first place in the 2013 Muddy Buddy!


The environment is welcoming and Scott Samuels designs each workout to your abilities.


I have never been so fit and healthy.


Holly B.


Since starting as Scott's first private training client eight years ago, he has continued to play a key role in my personal fitness journey. Not only does he make my workouts interesting and challenging, but he has also done the same for both of my children. Overall, Scott is a well organized, motivating and innovative trainer.


Ellen Harris


I started working out with Scott when I was in high school to help me with strength and agility for tennis. He is always thoughtful in planning private sessions and meticulous in his setup of different dynamic activities. What makes him special is his commitment not only to fitness, but also his sincere interactions with his community.


Katherine Harris


14918 Camden Avenue, San Jose, CA 95124